New York Crusaders

NYC Fitness Bootcamp Program


New York City residents—like those across the nation—are in need of physical outlets to get, into, and stay in shape. Good health can be a measure to a good life. The need to stay in general shape has taken a backseat as household expenses rise, and job wages remain the same, giving the average New York resident no extra income or financial ability to invest in gym memberships, expensive healthy foods, or gym equipment. That is why the New York Crusaders created its free General Fitness Bootcamp!

As work schedules increase for adults, video games and computers consume teenagers lives, and cell phones and other technologies increasingly encroach upon our everyday lives; individuals are spending less time getting outside, eating right, and exercising.  This is a problem because recent research proves that physical inactivity raises the likelihood of many health complications, including heart disease, Type II diabetes (adult onset diabetes), some types of cancers—and even premature death.   Unfortunately, this epidemic strikes hardest in communities already suffering from health and economic disparities—specifically black, Latino and low-income neighborhoods, where the rate of overweight reaches 70% in some neighborhoods.

The Crusaders have created a dynamic FREE program for youth and teenagers, and adults and yes, our amazing seniors, to get into shape by hosting a series of general boot camp training sessions at various locations throughout NYC. These locations include Dept of Education football fields, NYC Parks Dept fields, and indoor gymnasiums.

“The New York Crusaders General Fitness Bootcamp Program was created to help get New York City residents to adopt healthy lifestyles by participating in our fitness regimens.”

And while we have already helped 300+ New York residents commit to a healthy lifestyle and receive free training, we need your help to reach even more teenagers and adult New Yorker’s in the crusade to live a healthy lifestyle.