New York Crusaders

Football Fitness Program For Kids

New York City schoolkids, ages 7 through high school, like those across the nation are experiencing a health crisis and a general need to be fit.  In fact, American school-aged youth are now the least physically fit generation in history! As computers, videogames and cellphones fill up their lives, kids are spending less time getting outside and exercising. Recent research proves that physical inactivity raises the likelihood of many health complications—including heart disease, Type II diabetes, some cancers—and even premature death.  Sadly, this hits hardest in communities already suffering from health and economic disparities—specifically black, Latino and low-income neighborhoods, where the rate of overweight reaches 70% in some neighborhoods.

The New York Crusader founded this program to help get our most at-risk residents, our children, to adopt healthy lifestyles by participating in its General Football Fitness Program.


An Overview: The New York Crusaders’ General Football Fitness Program

The Crusaders provides a vibrant framework for schoolkids to get active, maintain and improve their physical health. Our General Football Fitness Program is a 2 or 3 day-a-week program (customization depending on organizations or school’s needs) that will train participants in all aspects of general health, healthy eating, exercise, calisthenics, and stretching. The general fitness exercises will consist of football related moves and techniques that will increase endurance, flexibility, and overall well-being. Parents have welcomed our program because it gives students in NYC neighborhoods something to do that is constructive, healthy, and benefits their overall health. In fact, most parents accompany their children to our training sessions.





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