New York Crusaders
  • 1 Sidney Snead  RB

    Sidney Snead

    Sidney Snead plays running back for the Crusaders. He has been with the organization for 2 years...

  • 2  Jaedee Johnson  RB and LB

    Jaedee Johnson

    Jaedee plays running back for the Crusaders. Only one year removed from high school he provides the...

  • 3  Rolin Azra  RB and DB

    Rolin Azra

    Rolin is perhaps one of the most exciting running backs in NYC adult amateur tackle football. Playing...

  • 4  Madden Gilhooly  WR

    Madden Gilhooly

    Madden provides the team with depth in the wide receiver position, as well as, special teams. Coming...

  • 6  DeSean Dewar  QB and WR

    DeShawn Dewar

    DeShawn is the starting quarterback for the Crusaders. He has stepped up to be a vital source...

  • 7 Ryan Coplen  WR

    Ryan Coplen

    Ryan is from the state of Texas, so football is in his blood. Joining the Crusaders midway...

  • 8  Mike James  QB

    Mike James

    The starting quarterback for the last two seasons, Mike suffered a season ending injury during preseason. Mike...

  • 9  Ciefill Dover  WR

    Ciefill Dover

    Ciefill, called “Roscoe” by teammates is entering his second year of play for the Crusaders. Roscoe plays...

  • 10  Torian Clarke- DB
  • 11 Dominick Paige  WR and DB

    Dominick Paige

    Dominik is hands down one of the most talented athletes in New York City football. He starts...

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